An infographic for Friday

Two things happened this week that have inspired this post.

First, my boyfriend David and I were commenting – and this happens periodically – how we should revisit our photos from our year-long world trip more often. It’s three years since we got back and we’ve been off travelling again since, but we still don’t take the time to relive and remember the experience as much as we should.

The other thing is that I rediscovered infographics. I’d seen a few good ones before, but was inspired by the one the Royal Opera House has just published representing their upcoming season to take a look around at more. There really are some very good – and different – ones about.┬áIt also appears that one or two organisations are doing infographic versions of their annual reviews, which seems an obvious perfect use for the medium (what a great commission that would be!).

So.. I put the two ideas together and came up with the above. This was such an engrossing task that I completely forgot to have lunch!

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